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Beginners One Day Mosaic Workshop

Beginners One Day Mosaic Workshop

One day beginners mosaic workshop dates this year are every Monday (please inquire for availablity) or once a month on a Saturday. The Saturday dates are: 


Sat 20th April 2024

Sat 18th May 2024

Sat 22nd June 2024

Sat 20th July 2024

Sat 24th August 2024

Sat 21st September 2024

Sat 19th October 2024

Sat 16th November 2024

Sat 14th December 2024


What you can expect from a Primary Colours Murals and Mosaic beginners workshop are:


Make two mosaics in a day in a relaxed caring environment with tea, coffee and biscuits given by an experienced, qualified and fully insured mosaic artist. (Please note; one hour is used for breaks and lunch and another hour is for drying mosaics, time during drying can be used to ask questions or look in the books provided).


Work at your pace and choose a level of difficulty that you are comfortable with, easy, medium or hard. Your mosaic can be waterproofed to go outside and fitting holes made on request.


Included are; 6 hours of instruction, two mosaics, a choice of different designs to make at a easy, medium or hard level.  Clear instructions are given on how to use wheeled tile cutters, health and safety advice, a wide choice of tiles, boards and coasters to use, grout, glue, all the equipment needed, a materials list to help you know how to make further mosaics at home, a question and answer session on "everything you wanted to know about making mosaics for beginners", a wide variety of mosaic and craft books to look through.


Contact me for more information or to book = or 07769 117815.

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